About Us 關於康寶

Combo Market is a leading import company specializing in the sourcing and distribution of high-quality agricultural and fishery products, famous bakery items, and a wide range of other Taiwanese products. With a strong emphasis on premium ingredients for Taiwanese and Chinese cooking, we strive to bring authentic and delicious flavors from Taiwan to customers around the world.

Our product range encompasses a diverse selection of agricultural and fishery products sourced directly from Taiwan's fertile lands and bountiful seas. In addition to agricultural and fishery products, Combo Market is renowned for its famous bakery items. We import freshly baked frozen goods, such as pastries, cakes, and bread. These delectable treats are sure to delight both enthusiasts of Taiwanese cuisine and those seeking a memorable culinary experience.

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專注於進口台灣優質農漁產品、烘焙食品的採購和分銷,並努力將台灣的正宗美味帶給世界各地的顧客。另外,Combo Market 還以其著名的烘焙食品而聞名,進口新鮮出爐的冷凍烘焙食品,如糕點、蛋糕和麵包。這些美味佳餚,充分讓您體驗不一樣地道風味。